Hi I'm Shama

Jewelry has always been an important part of my life

Growing up I spent countless hours at my parents jewelry shop in the Diamond District of New York. Coming in after school and watching my parents design masterpieces and mold works of art. I loved being around them, seeing them grow their business and make lifelong friends with other brilliant artisans. The time spent in this environment developed much of my intuition about quality and craftsmanship with a strong inclination towards the designing process.

As all children do as they grow older, they want to find their own path in life. I set out after high school to do something completely different. I spent the next half decade becoming a dentist. As time went on, I kept returning to my interests in jewelry design. It wasn’t long before I realized my interests were my passions and my passions were what kept me going.

The magic of gemstones and the beauty of jewelry was something I could only keep to myself for so long, I wanted to share it with the world so in 2013 I started Jewelry By Serendipity. It was then I felt that I was answering my calling, doing what I truly loved and known for a lifetime. I used the knowledge and insight of my parents along with the experiences of my life to build this company into what it is today.

As of now I work with a team of other women around the world to bring a little bit of serendipity to your day. From Korea, India, Brazil, Canada and the US we work hard to design, source and craft beautiful pieces that we hope will inspire you as much as celebrate the beauty inside of you.

Love Shama