Beauty in simplicity

Jewelry doesn't need to be complicated. We strive to find the best gemstones and the highest quality metals to create beautiful timeless every day pieces.

As Unique as You

You're one of a kind and your jewelry should be too. No two stones from mother nature are the same making each piece unique.

No shortcuts for experience

We're a second generation jewelry business, our founder spent her days growing up on the floor of the New York Diamond District while her parents learned the trade and built their skill. We continue that experience and bring their knowledge directly to you in the new age of jewelry shopping.

Quality Above all else

Each piece is hand made by those who understand quality and craftsmanship above all else. We use our generational knowledge and family relationships to source directly to avoid extra markups.

Let Serendipity Happen

Join thousands of others who've added a little bit of serendipity to their lives