Rose Quartz Meaning and how to use. The love crystal

Rose Quartz Meaning and how to use. The love crystal

Rose quartz is one of the most recognized stones out there by its unique soft pink color. It has more than one or two magical powers - its unique abilities range from anti-aging effects to finding true love. Let’s explore them all:

Rose quartz for heartbreak

It is the perfect stone for those who just suffered heartbreak and feel lost in their love life. If you have recently broken up or lost a loved one, they have undoubtedly left a void in your life that makes you feel incomplete. Allow the rose quartz to fill it by wearing it on a beautiful piece of jewelry or accessory every day. A good idea for such jewelry is a necklace, long enough to fall exactly on the heart chakra and balance it. The stone comforts and heals the accumulated wounds of the heart.

Rose quartz to boost self-esteem

Many people live without any self-confidence and do not feel true love for what they see in the mirror every morning. It is a well-known fact that in order to be happy in a relationship, you must first love yourself. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for this! Meditation several times a month in the company of rose quartz - this will completely help it reveal its magical qualities and properties. Find a quiet place, put the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and imagine yourself looking in the mirror and feeling real admiration for yourself. Make yourself a compliment, and not just one! Name your best qualities, physical beauty is not the only thing you should focus on. Talk about your uniqueness and special skills. This exercise can be done on any day, but the new moon is the best time for it.

Rose quartz anti-aging properties

The ancient Egyptians saw the stone as a way to stop the aging process - amazing isn't it? But how do we use it to slow down the clock?

Take а smooth piece of quartz, polished, without any edges that can harm the skin, or look for a gua-sha or face roller made from this beautiful gem - it doesn't matter which one you choose. Charge your new beauty tool in the moonlight and use it to massage your face at least once a day. This improves the circulation and production of collagen, and the love stone gives you a divinely beautiful look like Aphrodite - the goddess of love!

Rose quartz to attract love


Everyone wants to find the love of their life as quickly as possible, right? Well, rose quartz with its unique properties can help speed up the process. Carry the stone on a keychain or in your bag/purse/wallet as well as on a first date. Another great idea is to put it under your pillow and according to old myths, you will dream of the love of your life.

If you scatter the pink quartz pieces throughout the house, they fill with deep healing and rejuvenating energy and inspire those who live there and fill them with love and compassion.

And no, don't worry, you can't "overdo it" with Rose Quartz, because the specific frequency of energy that this stone radiates is rooted deep in the heart of each of us.